Content Creators

Let your voice be heard

Share your passion, skills, knowledge and expertise through video on our platform with options to create your own channel or courses. We welcome creators with content that inspire, motivate, encourage, educate, and entertain. Video content can be uploaded and/or live streamed. See options and pricing below to include your content on our platform for our subscribers to choose from.  Each channel is subscription based.  Set your own price for your subscription.  Set your price for your course. 
Channel $65/month
Have much to say? This package is for content creators with fresh new content every week or month. You can use your channel for educational courses and/or entertainment. Perfect model for subscription base.  Great for video podcasts, talk shows, DIYs, cooking, finance, business, short films, course series, etc. The Channel package give the content creator the opportunity to share 4 hours of video content per month. You decide the length of your video content and produce as much as you'd like up to 4 hours per month. Set your own channel subscription price.   Channel package also include sponsor benefits that offer a number of opportunities to showcase your brand to our growing, engaged audience—whether it’s our live-stream channel, weekly email newsletter, an exclusive channel sponsorship, our soon to launch Queendom podcast, one of our various live experiences and speaker or panelist at one of our virtual conferences or events throughout the year. There is an 8% admin fee for each course purchased.
Courses - $35
Have something you're good at and want to share it with the world.  Create a 12 module course with maximum of 2 hour worth of content.  Help our community develop and grow through a variety of educational trainings from beauty, finance, cooking, life skills, sewing, health and wellness, hair, self-help, business, etc.  Set your own prices for your courses.  There is a 15% admin fee for each course purchased.
Technology Package 
Dont have the technology or resources to start your channel or courses?  We have you covered.  We can remotely help you create, film, and record your video content for your channel or course.  Basic packages include remote video recording, post production, video upload, audio  $50/month up to 4 hours or $25/course video up to 2 hours.
Newbie? We're here for you
Needing help getting your channel or course off the ground?  We'd love to help.

Branding, intro and outro of videos, images, background, logos, etc. 

 Content Creation - Needing help with developing and creating content for your talk show, podcast or channel? Get help with creating content calendar, video scripts, speaking techniques, setting the scene, equipment. 

Post Production - Editing Videos gifs, subtitles. Contact us @info@queendominion.com 


Frequently questions asked
What is subscription

Subscription is a payment structure that allow subscribers of our platform to purchase or subscribe to your channel for a specific period of time for a set price. Subscribers typically commit to the services on a monthly or annual basis. The better the content the longer subscribers are committed to your channel. You can also have an option where subscribers can rent out videos in your channel if they would prefer that option rather than getting a subscription.

How does the Channel work?

A channel content creator has the opportunity to provide 4 hours worth of content each month to their channel. The channel programming is up to the content creator and can be a combination of courses, entertainment, talk show, podcast etc. The sky is the limit within the 4 hour limit.  The videos can be a as long or as short as  the creator would like.  Consistency with the release of content will keep your subscribers engaged.  

What is admin fee?

Note: There is an admin fee for each subscription/course purchased. Admin fee include: accounting, marketing, hosting and administration.  Each Subscription purchase for channels will incur an 8% admin fee. Every Course purchase will receive a 15% admin fee.

How do subscribers find me?

All content creators will be listed on our Meet & Greet page.  Each content creator will have a meet and greet video where subscribers can get to know them and what they have to offer. 

Newbie Pricing

The Newbie service pricing is dependent on the services needed to get your channel or course going. Contact us at info@queendominion.com and in the subject line enter Newbie. List the services you believe you will need and a representative will get back with you as soon as possible.  If you are in the beginning phases of starting a course or channel, it will probably be best to plan out your course or channel before purchasing a channel or course.  Contact us if you need assistance with the process.

When do I get paid?

When users purchase one-time content or bundles, the payment is processed immediately.

For subscription charges, our payment scripts run twice per day: 9am and 8pm EST. To keep everything fair to your customer we look at the exact time set for their next charge date and roll it into the next time the script runs.  This ensures your customers get their full trial periods and are not billed before their full subscription cycle has been completed, which is a requirement of our payment providers.

How do courses work?

Create a course on any topic that will motivate, inspire, educate or entertain or members.  You can create as many course on as many topics that you like.  You can bundle your courses or sell them as single courses.  Set your own price of your course. Be mindful of the competitiveness of other creators and content offered to ensure that pricing is desirable for subscribers.

When I purchase channel or course what is the next step?

When you purchase a channel or course, you will begin the onboarding process to get your content into our library as soon as possible.

Through detailed analytics, we can check insights into your customer's behavior to track content consumption by seconds played and distribute payouts to affiliates and content creators as needed.